Cardholder Data Breaches

If you’ve been notified of a compromise or breach, the bank will require a QSA to validate your compliance. Confide can assist in assessing your PCI DSS compliance. We can offer a suite of services that help you minimise your risk and reach PCI DSS compliance:

We can also put you in touch with independent penetration testers who can assist in investigation to determine the cause of the breach.

How We Help

  • Our QSAs have worked with many organisations that have suffered breaches. We know that adding compliance to this process is a challenge. We work with you to ensure you meet your PCI requirements.
  • Quasar card scanning can be used to validate to the bank that you are not storing any cardholder data.
  • Our Qualys specialists can configure and manage internal and external vulnerability scans to ensure they are run by a qualified independent resource.