Reports on Compliance

For merchants and service providers who reach a minimum number of transactions per year or who want to be a registered service provider with Visa or MasterCard, Confide can complete a full Report on Compliance (RoC). A RoC takes the 12 high-level PCI DSS requirements and breaks them down into over 250 individual sub-requirements, and over 1200 testing procedures. Our QSAs undertake an in-depth review of your people, processes, systems, and documentation and compile the RoC and Attestation of Compliance (AoC). This in-depth report provides the highest level of assurance that your people, processes, and systems are meeting the minimum requirements for storing, processing, or transmitting credit cards or that you as a service provider are providing a secure service to your customers.

For Designated Entities, we can also complete the Supplemental Report on Compliance for Designated Entities (S-RoC, DESV) which adds additional governance and technical requirements to the PCI DSS.

Why Confide

  • Confide has completed hundreds of RoCs over the years. Our QSAs understand the standard in-depth and have years of experience completing RoCs.
  • We understand how New Zealand team sizes and structures can meet compliance requirements.
  • We have a broad set of skills in assessing different technologies, organisation types, and industries.
  • Our QSAs use their knowledge and skills to work to help you understand ways that you can meet PCI DSS compliance.