The security of cardholder data is paramount

Security breaches and data losses impact customer trust and brand equity. They also expose businesses to extensive potential liabilities. Key benefits of PCI DSS compliance include:

  • Protection of you and your customers’ data
  • Improves and protects your organisation’s image
  • Reduces risk and expense liabilities
  • Improves efficiencies
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Security Services

Confide can provide a range of security services to assist you in navigating your compliance obligations. We can assist with PCI DSS reports, risk assessments, cardholder data scanning, vulnerability scans, and other security assurance work.

We provide you with the knowledge you need to understand your security obligations, and with our assessments, provide assurance of how you have minimised the risk of unnecessary and damaging security breaches.

Why Confide

Confide is New Zealand’s premier security assessment company. We have more QSAs on the ground, and security is all we do. From PCI scoping and gap analysis to SAQ assistance and full independent assessment, our main focus is security.

With years of experience in PCI DSS, we understand how to help you navigate the standard’s complexities and fit PCI into the way that you do business. We know there are lots of ways to do things and still be PCI compliant. Our experience gives us the in depth knowledge needed to think outside of the box.

We understand PCI DSS compliance and because we are local we understand how to apply PCI to New Zealand organisations and help them reach PCI compliance.

We also have teams of people who are specialised in our supporting services ensuring that you get specialised advice on any of the services we provide to you.

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