Charities & Non-Profit PCI Packages

We know that charities and other non-profit organisations rely heavily on donations for funding. More and more of these donations are coming through online payments and payments via debit and credit cards as traditional methods of collecting such as street appeals become more difficult with physical distancing requirements and fewer people carrying cash.

Just like businesses, charities that accept credit cards also need to demonstrate PCI compliance. To help, Confide has put together two packages that bundle together some of our key PCI services to help charities and other non-profits be able to get independent assurance around their data security.

Contact Us to find out how Confide can help your charity or non-profit become PCI compliant and help you protect your donors data.


  • Similar to financial auditing, IT assessments and compliance with security standards provides independent assurance to your directors.
  • Increase donor confidence that their information is secure.
  • Provide increased assurance of your security to your key stakeholders including your board of directors and your acquiring bank.
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